Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Cool Crafts

        How to make paper boxes:
Paper boxes are one of my favorite origami crafts. They can be used to hold jewelry like necklaces, rings and other accessories. I love making crafts so I thought I should share it with you guys!
                HOW TO MAKE PAPER BOXES

Follow these simple (and slightly complicated) instructions to learn how to make an origami paper box. Don’t forget to share this creative craft with your friend(s) or family

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Animation Hacks to Practice #2

                                                      HAPPY TUESDAY!      

      Sorrry every one for the delay of the post! I was very busy during the past days of the weeks so i'm hoping that I can help you guys (and girls) with this post today! 
So without further a do lets begin!

Exercise #3:
   Now...I'am going to show you guys how to take your animation skills to the test! First and foremost, before you do this practice gather all of your materials: A pencil, paper, an eraser, and a lightbox or an animation program(I recommend animation desk if you own a tablet.) What i'am about to say to you guys may seem common to almost any animator and this is the "Walk Cycle"! Now if your new to animaton your probably like 'What? Wait whats a walk cycle?' Well (for new animators) a walk cycle is a series of frames that show a person walking. Simple right? Guess what its, one of the most complicated animation practices that an animator can ever face during his or her animation journey! :( But, it can become easy as long as you try to practice it at least once a day everyday a week. Now if your an old or professional animator you may have already mastered the "Walk Cycle" or maybe not...Now if you want to practice the walk cycle you can use the walk cycle I have on the bottom of the screen. Now, back to new animators...So to make a walk cycle start by drawing your first frame using the image of a walk cycle below this page...But, if you want to create a walk cycle the easy way follow these 2 easy steps:

STEP #1:
Draw the first 4 frames, the "contact", which is the frame that shows the person with both feet touching the ground and both arms up, facing opposite directions. Then draw the second frame, the "recoil", which shows the right foot going up and the left foot pressing hard against the ground and the arms going near the hip. Now draw the third frame, the "passing", which shows the right leg half way up, near the hip and the left leg straight touching the ground leaving both arms touching the hip. Now finally the fourth frame, which is the "high point" this frame showing the right leg, completely aiming the knee forward with the thigh touching the hip and the left leg the going backwards, along with the right arm on the hip, with the left arm facing forward.

Use the 4 frames you made in the first step and  trace them. The trick is, draw each frame using the same arm and leg gestures for the opposite arm or leg. Ex.use the same gestures used for the recoil for the left arm and leg and use them for the right arm and leg.

Pretty much you translate each of the 4 frames body part you made in step one and put it in its opposite limb for the same named 4 frames.
So until the next animation hack stay tuned for the latest hacks on animation!^)

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Animation Hacks to Practice #1

      How do you become a good animator? You need to practice of course! And the best way to do that is by stretching yourself,(and no, I don't meen stretching yourself physically!). You can do this by following these simple exercises!

Excersise No. 1

Now to start our first exercise, you'll need a pencil a hard surface and some sheets of paper.
First things first, while doing this exercise be in a comfortable spot, so you won't feel like you would have to move any where to get yourself settled. If you have a lightbox or if you are a computer animator this exercise can be more helpful. Now lets start. Lets first start by sketching. This excersise will help you with your background drawings. Now first scribble all over the paper! Just scribble until the each corner has a scribble, along with the sides. Now you will smudge the scribbles until they look as gray as a dim room. Now that you've done this make some straight lines across the page or any where you want. After make some triangles, rectangles, squares, and circles. Then smudge all your shapes to look gray and dark. Finallydraw lines tracing some of the shapes you've made. Then your done! It may not look like a backround the first amount of times, but it will soon.
*If you want you could trace all the shapes you made onto tracing paper or regular paper to see if it turns out more cleaner.*

Excersise No. 2

Second exercise! Although the first excersise talked about making backgrounds, this ones main concept is about the people interacting in with the background! What you'll need: a piece of paper a pencil a hard surface and a lightbox. Now find a place where there is some(or complete)silence.
Now to begin, start by drawing you character leaning on a wall talking. Of course before you draw the guy leaning on the wall draw the wall! If you want you can make the wall the background. Now when your done drawing the guy talking. Make him jolt up and then slip onto the ground. During all of this the character is moving away from the background! Not on purpose though only because of the slipping is he moving away from the wall. This will then help you understand your character and still give you mystery to the character for your audience. This is what the audience would probably know: He fell, he was suprised, he was talking etc. What the audience probably would question: what did he slip on? Why did he slip? What caused him to jolt up? These inferences and questions can both be used for a more suspenceful experience for your audience... This will help you atract an audience that will be glued to your cartoon...

Thats all for today folks! Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your year! I don't know if you guys and girls know, but here in New York theres a pretty nice snow storm here so i'm staying home making these tips and tricks for all you viewers out there... So come back next week when i think of more animation tips!

Friday, December 25, 2015

animation cartoon

This video is a short skit i made about World War 2's bombing. Watch carefully, if you want to test your skills you can try to make your own similar animation.)

Some of my videos on youtube are attached to this video to remind you that I create music videos to that you can watch on youtube so enjoy!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Walt Disney: "If you can dream it, you can make it!"

The About me

Draco Draw is an animator who wishes to one day be as famous as walt disney and be known around the world. You can watch his music videos and cartoons on youtube. Some of the programs he uses are adobe illustrator and ibis paint x.

I first was interested in animation when my I saw my father animating in his studio. I thought to myself, "I wanna make comics." I know, not what you expected me to think right? Well what can i blame you for i was only 9! Any way, that was only the beginning of my cartoon adventure. As I said I wanted to make comics, knowing about comics such as dragon ball, dc etc. I only knew 3 things about comics they were funny, had good drawings, and had dialogue. Pretty much every thing an animator puts into his cartoon and animation, right. Then I got to work. One of my first comics was one about a guy getting half his body rolled over and replaced with wood. Months later I thought of another idea for my creativity. Cartoon. Me and my sister Margo thought of making our first animation. She would draw the character, our dad would scan and animate it, and I would draw the background characters. The cartoon clip was about a witch stirring a pot of soup and a bat  flying around. Then as she stirred the pot smoke covered the room. THE END. It was that simple and it came out fantastic! Since then i had loved cartoons and always wanted to make my own series. So thats what i've been looking into. So if you have any ideas please write them below. And thank you for reading.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Animation and Assembly

The Animators Genesis

   Hello cartoon lovers!!! This is a blog all about the process and work of an animator slash cartoonist. I've been wanting to write this blog for at least 2 years, and NOW I CAN FINALLY DO IT!!!! Before I talk animation, let me introduce myself. My name is "Draco Draw". I like to draw(obviously), create comics and (most of all) ANIMATE!!! I have created a couple of animation skits that myself and my peers critic. I even make animations for my peers.

I have been inspired by three main animators I know of: first Walt Disney,
In January 1920, Disney and Iwerks formed a short-lived company called "Iwerks-Disney Commercial Artists". However, following a rough start, Disney left temporarily to earn money at the Kansas City Film Ad Company. He was soon joined by Iwerks, who was not able to run their business alone. Disney made commercials based on cutout animation at the Film Ad company; he became interested in animation and decided to become an animator.  Etc. ( most of you if your an animator you already should know who this world renowned animator master is.)

Second is Richard William: 

An animator that didn't copy off of his peers to get better but learned from them.
I recomend my favorite book he has made "THE ANIMATORS SURVIVAL KIT" available for mobile devices and paperback. I bought mine on my ipad for about $39.99.  
Here is a picture of the mobile version, and the paperback version.


Last but not least Mark Stansberry: 

He might not be as well known around the world but he is a fantastic artist and animator. He once told me  "Keep it simple and easy, then, work up from there." Two of his most well made animations are "Puddin" and "The Super Galactic Funky Adventures of Kool Keith". ( And yes the Rapper Kool Keith. ) You can watch his videos on youtube. I'll put the URL on the side.            
Also you can subscribe or like my videos on youtube too. ( I'll also put the URL for that on the side too. )

Now lastly i want you all to know that i'm entering the 5th annual animagic contest!!! I'm really excited and have been working on my animation since October. Although the submissions are due December 20th. So i'am cleaning up my animation and making the last little adjustments for at least winning second place. Please leave a comment below and have a wonderful christmas and (or Honukkah) a happy new year!



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