Thursday, December 10, 2015

Animation and Assembly

The Animators Genesis

   Hello cartoon lovers!!! This is a blog all about the process and work of an animator slash cartoonist. I've been wanting to write this blog for at least 2 years, and NOW I CAN FINALLY DO IT!!!! Before I talk animation, let me introduce myself. My name is "Draco Draw". I like to draw(obviously), create comics and (most of all) ANIMATE!!! I have created a couple of animation skits that myself and my peers critic. I even make animations for my peers.

I have been inspired by three main animators I know of: first Walt Disney,
In January 1920, Disney and Iwerks formed a short-lived company called "Iwerks-Disney Commercial Artists". However, following a rough start, Disney left temporarily to earn money at the Kansas City Film Ad Company. He was soon joined by Iwerks, who was not able to run their business alone. Disney made commercials based on cutout animation at the Film Ad company; he became interested in animation and decided to become an animator.  Etc. ( most of you if your an animator you already should know who this world renowned animator master is.)

Second is Richard William: 

An animator that didn't copy off of his peers to get better but learned from them.
I recomend my favorite book he has made "THE ANIMATORS SURVIVAL KIT" available for mobile devices and paperback. I bought mine on my ipad for about $39.99.  
Here is a picture of the mobile version, and the paperback version.


Last but not least Mark Stansberry: 

He might not be as well known around the world but he is a fantastic artist and animator. He once told me  "Keep it simple and easy, then, work up from there." Two of his most well made animations are "Puddin" and "The Super Galactic Funky Adventures of Kool Keith". ( And yes the Rapper Kool Keith. ) You can watch his videos on youtube. I'll put the URL on the side.            
Also you can subscribe or like my videos on youtube too. ( I'll also put the URL for that on the side too. )

Now lastly i want you all to know that i'm entering the 5th annual animagic contest!!! I'm really excited and have been working on my animation since October. Although the submissions are due December 20th. So i'am cleaning up my animation and making the last little adjustments for at least winning second place. Please leave a comment below and have a wonderful christmas and (or Honukkah) a happy new year!



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