Sunday, December 13, 2015

The About me

Draco Draw is an animator who wishes to one day be as famous as walt disney and be known around the world. You can watch his music videos and cartoons on youtube. Some of the programs he uses are adobe illustrator and ibis paint x.

I first was interested in animation when my I saw my father animating in his studio. I thought to myself, "I wanna make comics." I know, not what you expected me to think right? Well what can i blame you for i was only 9! Any way, that was only the beginning of my cartoon adventure. As I said I wanted to make comics, knowing about comics such as dragon ball, dc etc. I only knew 3 things about comics they were funny, had good drawings, and had dialogue. Pretty much every thing an animator puts into his cartoon and animation, right. Then I got to work. One of my first comics was one about a guy getting half his body rolled over and replaced with wood. Months later I thought of another idea for my creativity. Cartoon. Me and my sister Margo thought of making our first animation. She would draw the character, our dad would scan and animate it, and I would draw the background characters. The cartoon clip was about a witch stirring a pot of soup and a bat  flying around. Then as she stirred the pot smoke covered the room. THE END. It was that simple and it came out fantastic! Since then i had loved cartoons and always wanted to make my own series. So thats what i've been looking into. So if you have any ideas please write them below. And thank you for reading.

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