Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Animation Hacks to Practice #2

                                                      HAPPY TUESDAY!      

      Sorrry every one for the delay of the post! I was very busy during the past days of the weeks so i'm hoping that I can help you guys (and girls) with this post today! 
So without further a do lets begin!

Exercise #3:
   Now...I'am going to show you guys how to take your animation skills to the test! First and foremost, before you do this practice gather all of your materials: A pencil, paper, an eraser, and a lightbox or an animation program(I recommend animation desk if you own a tablet.) What i'am about to say to you guys may seem common to almost any animator and this is the "Walk Cycle"! Now if your new to animaton your probably like 'What? Wait whats a walk cycle?' Well (for new animators) a walk cycle is a series of frames that show a person walking. Simple right? Guess what its, one of the most complicated animation practices that an animator can ever face during his or her animation journey! :( But, it can become easy as long as you try to practice it at least once a day everyday a week. Now if your an old or professional animator you may have already mastered the "Walk Cycle" or maybe not...Now if you want to practice the walk cycle you can use the walk cycle I have on the bottom of the screen. Now, back to new animators...So to make a walk cycle start by drawing your first frame using the image of a walk cycle below this page...But, if you want to create a walk cycle the easy way follow these 2 easy steps:

STEP #1:
Draw the first 4 frames, the "contact", which is the frame that shows the person with both feet touching the ground and both arms up, facing opposite directions. Then draw the second frame, the "recoil", which shows the right foot going up and the left foot pressing hard against the ground and the arms going near the hip. Now draw the third frame, the "passing", which shows the right leg half way up, near the hip and the left leg straight touching the ground leaving both arms touching the hip. Now finally the fourth frame, which is the "high point" this frame showing the right leg, completely aiming the knee forward with the thigh touching the hip and the left leg the going backwards, along with the right arm on the hip, with the left arm facing forward.

Use the 4 frames you made in the first step and  trace them. The trick is, draw each frame using the same arm and leg gestures for the opposite arm or leg. Ex.use the same gestures used for the recoil for the left arm and leg and use them for the right arm and leg.

Pretty much you translate each of the 4 frames body part you made in step one and put it in its opposite limb for the same named 4 frames.
So until the next animation hack stay tuned for the latest hacks on animation!^)